October 27, 2016

My ideal shopping mall

A shopping mall is a large building comprised of retail stores, a parking space and where wide range of services are also offered. They may also have restaurants, car service stations, and movie theaters. Shopping malls are designed to serve many people at a go and therefore should be located in an area that is easily accessible to many people. It should also have a large parking area to accommodate as many customers as possible.


A shopping mall should be a one stop shop that satisfies all the shopping needs of its customers. The mall should be designed in a way that attracts people from the outside with a large walkway such that customers can easily access all the stores and also ensure that each store gets equal exposure for profitability. Cleanliness should be maintained with constant renovations to maintain if not improve the initial beauty of the building (Wendy & Sandra, 2010). In addition safety should be considered with proper measures to ensure customer safety.

The mall should offer entertainment centers that attract shoppers and even include food courts that can cater for the whole family (Talpade & Haynes, 1997). Movie theaters and gaming arcades attract young people while digital zones offer technology solutions to shoppers. Beautiful restaurants with an ambient environment like a picnic park attract families and even tourists seeking to sample high end joints. The mall should have multiple floors each floor catering for different shopping needs. Window displays and innovative advertising should guide customers to the shops that they are looking for. The mall’s location is another important factor. It should be in an area that has residents with deep pockets who are willing to spend on quality products and value added comforts (Zhuang et al 2010).

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