December 22, 2017

Impact of Technology on the Environment

The contemporary world is one of technology and development. In the 20th century, scientists made numerous discoveries that transformed human life and relations. The transform came with both positive and adverse effects on people’s lives. However, not only does such change affect the humans, it affects everything on earth as well. It is upon such premises that the paper investigates whether “Damage to the environment is an inevitable consequence of worldwide improvements in the standard of living.”

For many decades, most people believe that the world’s development standards have an adverse impact on the environment. Among them is Wallace, who holds the view that the contemporary industry, particularly the oil and gas factories may pollute water, air or the weather (Wallace 2005). Similarly, the author asserts that the improvement of living standards could be harmful to the planet’s future survival. Accordingly, Ernst had pointed out in 2000 that air pollution is a critical hazard to the environment Ernst (2000). It is because many cars, factories, and plants produce gases that could pollute the air. Undeniably, there are many sources of greenhouse gases such as a lot of gas, cars, plants, and oil. Similarly, greenhouse gases contribute to the global warming phenomena. It is because such greenhouse gases cause ice in the Arctic to melt. Consequently, water may swallow up the entire world due to a rise in the sea level.

On the other hand, human beings damage the natural forests in their quest for basic needs such as looking for wood to build a house, making furniture or paper their education and records.

Therefore, the environment gets by the day as humans and technology take their toll on nature. Consequently, if humans do not initiate a lasting countermeasure to such atrocities of nature, the planet may be uninhabitable in future.

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