October 17, 2016

Modern Doctors’ Motives: Should the Goal Be Riches, or a Focus on Patient Health?

Once upon a time, particularly in the United States, when a person aspired to be a physician, it had a special significance. The profession was nearly viewed as a sacred calling. Being a doctor in those days meant that a person wanted to help humanity, and consider it almost an honor to heal people. Nowadays many doctors’ careers are merely focused on how they can become rich. Many doctors are devoid of any human compassion, and only see their patients as dollar-signs to be gathered. Perhaps they should not focus upon the more profitable areas of medicine, such as plastic surgery, and try to shift their emphasis on treating all patients with dignity no matter how rich or poor their clients are. This essay discusses the issue, in terms of exploring why the medical profession has come to be perceived as an excuse to become rich, while legally engaging in profitable activities.


Partly to blame is the society of today. Modern society has not made it easy for doctors to spend time with each individual patient. The terrible healthcare system in America has caused physicians to be forced to spend as little time with patients as possible, especially poor patients who have little or no medical insurance. The rich patients can always find doctors who will cater to them, attending with longer personalized visits, and the very best in medical care. Does this seem ethical? It is almost as if the system has been set up, nowadays, to establish a fast-food-like healthcare industry. In other words, the situation is like poor people having to settle to eat at McDonald’s while wealthier persons can eat at the finest five-star restaurants.

For example, a new business model in medicine today is known as concierge medicine. This is how it works. Boden (2011) states that for a fee patients can receive certain extra amenities and personalized attention from doctors, such as getting an immediate phone call back personally from the doctor, or getting a same-day appointment (p. 51). But the emphasis is not on healing, but focuses on ‘wellness’ – which is a good thing, but the focus is not on helping the sick get better.

Doctors of today exist in a world of scientific dictatorship. In many ways they are stuck in a system filled with greedy, unscrupulous money-hungry activities as perpetrated by the GMO (genetically modified) seed and food industry in cahoots with the multi-billion-dollar pharmaceutical industry which puts a great deal of pressure on doctors to prescribe medicines that cause more harm than good to patients, in many cases. In conclusion, we must think about what doctors can do. For one thing, a physician who wishes to concentrate on patient health should align him or herself with a good hospital. A medical facility with an excellent reputation for caring and excellence in quality healthcare delivery, such as the Mayo Clinic, would be a great suggestion. In this way, a doctor can feel the joy and noble traits of treating his profession as a calling again, and focus on a more ethical attitude of healing and treating all people ethically, like human beings who have dignity.

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