October 28, 2016

People Should Use Facebook

Facebook is the leading social network online. It is gaining users very fast and creating traffic. Through Facebook, many people have created marketing opportunities for their business by creating Facebook pages for their business networks to the customers. In addition, many people have explored on Facebook, and another social network has their key sources of information in learning of products and other confidential information. There are two ways of using social media trough Facebook pages or Facebook group. The use of Facebook groups has the lead interaction of people with a common interest and share ideas (Smith, (2012)


Facebook has lead to customer interaction with the company by creating a conversation dialogue between them and developing a healthy relationship. Also, through the use of Face book the company get a deeper understanding on how their products is being sold online by getting direct feedback from customers. However, Facebook has a feedback mechanism that vital for companies by allowing the customer to give his/her experience on the products.

Moreover, Facebook allows interaction of family members and the friend even though they cannot be physically together. With face book, one can lay social games online. Currently, Kenya politicians are exploring themselves in Facebook site due to their busy life ( Moorman,2012). Through Facebook, they can reach Kenyans youths and campaign with for the elections. They also benefit them by discussing issues in remote areas where they cannot access and talk about their development.

I strongly encourage people to use Facebook because this is where networking has gained many values. In the current world, no business can run without networking. Moreover, this has created a lot of employment for youths. People should continue interacting in face book and selling of products online.

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