October 19, 2016

Problems of Tourism


It is obvious that nature offers a lot to humankind. It offers a chance to unwind from our stressful lives, a chance to enrich our knowledge, and for the locals living in the area being toured, an opportunity to further develop their society through tourism. The growth is achieved through a number of money people are willing to spend to enjoy themselves. Though tourism has great benefits to the society, it will not go without saying that it has disadvantages too. Therefore, this essay aims at discussing the problems of tourism.


Impact on the Society

There are societies that have seen great growth through tourism. This may offer the illusion that tourism has benefits only, but through careful analysis, we may find out that it is actually not. Tourism leads to exposure of that society’s culture to foreign culture. This exposure is done through social interactions and sharing of values and ideologies (Paul, 2012). The local community absorbs new behaviors that over time lead to the erosion of their own culture. The new culture absorbed may contain certain behaviors such as dressing that may be seen as immoral in that society. Tourism may also lead to an increase in social evils in tourist prone areas (Monterrubio & Bello, n.p). These are undesirable outcomes.


In conclusion, the benefits of tourism to any society cannot be ignored. These benefits include economic development of that society, developments of roads and other social amenities, and the improvement of the living standards of the local community members, among others. Though these benefits are desirable, it is improper to ignore the negative impacts that tourism brings with it. The cultural erosion and raise is social evils that accompany tourism taint its benefits. This essay, therefore, concludes that though tourism has benefits, it has disadvantages too in equal measures.

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