October 31, 2016

Why Same Sex Marriage Should Be Legal

Marriage is an understanding between two people that is socially recognized and establish rights and obligations between them and their coming generations. Contradictory to the Bible and the traditional cultures, in the modern world the issue of the same-sex marriage has become a heated topic of discussion with various cultures across the world accepting and others against the same sex marriage.


In Africa, many cultures still consider same sex marriage as untraditional and westernized. Many several debates are going around whether the same sex marriage is alien to Africa, (Igwe, 2009) points out that same gender marriage already existed in Africa tradition, particularly in Igboland. There were circumstances where marriage between a woman and a woman is permissible. If her husband dies, she is allowed to marry a wife. She becomes the husband in this case. She fulfills the traditional rites. The above example shows the need to legalize same sex marriage since there is increased sense of responsibility and strengthened relationship between the partners involved.

Same sex marriage is supported by many but not all in many western countries. The controversy of homosexuality led to some western countries legalizing same sex marriage after pressure from gay people who campaigned against discrimination, with some nations implementing the gay rights that offer legal benefits and advantages to many people living in a gay relationship life (Gus, 2013). Netherlands was the first country to legalize same sex marriage and lately is Italy with more countries legalizing same sex marriage.

Eventhough the societies is based on the traditional concept of marriage of one man one woman, the society need to accept the same sex marriage since it is based on choice, understanding and commitment for involved partners. Denying marriage to two individuals who love each other is to deny them fundamental freedom and a form of discrimination.

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