November 2, 2016

Space Exploration

Space exploration seems like a waste of time and money considering that they are other pressing, issues that need our attention as human beings, but the fact is the time and money spent when exploring space is worthwhile. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is the organization responsible for space exploration. This paper will address why governments should continue funding space exploration (Hohler, 2009).


Space exploration helps us understand and protect our planet. Exploring other planets like Mars and Venus helps us understand how unique planet Earth is. Additionally, following previous researches that have been conducted, it shows that in the atmosphere they are dangerous bodies such as asteroids that would be hazardous if they would collide with the Earth, thus, research helps us to be prepared in advance (Hohler, 2009).

Human beings are always asking questions about how the planet was formed, if they are other humans on other planets and whether other planets can support life. Space exploration helps us answer these questions. Apart from that, as scientists try to answer these questions they also make new discoveries, for example, they discovered that it is possible that Mars can support life since water was discovered on this planet (Kiger, 2014).

Planet Earth is becoming overpopulated thus; some of the resources such as oil are becoming scarce. Exploring other planets helps us find limitless resources that would replenish the natural resource on earth, hence, preventing the prices of these resources from going up. Additionally, space exploration helps us to be prepared in case Planet Earth should one day become endangered, and human being can no longer survive here (Kiger, 2014). Conclusively, it is true to say that space exploration is expensive, but this research has shown that it is worthwhile.

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