November 7, 2016

Violence in Sports

Violent acts exist in the society and thus in the sports. The young players find it difficult to learn due to the global emphasis on the records. However, this joy together with the frustration of a sport ought to arise from the performance itself rather than the scores (John, 2004). Sports violence is distinctive as it extends beyond a given group, is never founded on any economic tier neither can it be linked to a specified sport nor region. Additionally, it takes place irrespective of the kind of sport yet it destroys programs once it occurs.


Sports violence is based on culture, a sport’s structure, the child development, media and pressure, management and sports experiences as well as the investment. From the social viewpoint, sports such as the Olympic Games were meant to foster international peace, lead to an improvement of the economy and prominence in the theatre world. However, sports violence has erupted due to social systems that are ever antagonistic such as the possible exclusion of some individuals that strongly belief that women have no sports opportunities also those with disabilities. Second, the media bring our sport in very entertaining ways so as to secure ratings plus readership.  Furthermore, there has been a salacious utilization of sexually laced also violent phrasing around major commercials and various sponsorships, and indication that sexuality plus sexuality is used for promotion.

So as to curb violence in sports, the managerial staffs can make penalty revisions alongside ensuring proper coaching of teams especially at their junior levels (Todd, 2011). Other measures would involve the ban of using alcoholic drinks in sporting events, availing facilities adequately and cooperating with the media such that a campaign aimed at decreasing violence. Most importantly, the media ought to put in place proper perspectives in the isolated acts of violence in sports instead of making them major highlights.

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