October 25, 2016

Are women better parents than men?

Parental responsibilities and roles are very important for the growth of children, this is because children need great care and enough time devoted to them for daily activities like education and good manners. According to most of societies, women contribute more than men in parental care. Therefore, this essay tends to show how women are better parents than men.


Basing the argument in most of societies, women provide passionate and kind especially during early childhood, this is because women are responsible to breast feeding and cuddling or during period of sickness and arising of any other problems. Under this condition, children develop having their trust or feeling more comfortable with their mother than their father (Gray & Anderson, 2010).


In addition, children run to their mother when problem arises for help, and this is due to the fact that, the person available always in their environment is the mother. This affection proceeds all the way from the childhood to the adulthood. Hence, children prefer their mother better than their father.

On other hand, the fact that women are passionate, kind and always available to their children does not mean men are not responsible to their children. On contrary men are always very busy outside home for work in order to ensure the whole family earns their living, and that is way children to spend more time with their mother than their father (Gray&) Garcia, 2013).

To conclude, it is recommended that both parental care is required for the growth of children. However, women make better parents than men because of their affection and availability to their children always.

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